Integral Development of Communities for a World Without Poverty.


The need for women to take their place and contribute to community and national building in particular and while also making her impact felt in general necessitate the meeting ACD had with women co-ordinating peer groups(peer to peers) in six peers centres in Evbuotubu and environs.023 These co-ordinators  made sure issues concerning maternal/ child and reproductive health, civic education, sanitation etc were well understood by the women in the community and that Language and level of education was not a barrier.026This is necessary so that they could participate full and also give their consent when necessary on issues that would be beneficial to them. The groups which which is the brain child of ACD start initially since 2008 as an HIV/AIDS awareness group as since metamorphosed into  groups  were more and more  issues are been discussed. Some of the issues discussed in the meeting that was held in August 15 was concerning the upcoming Edo state elections.The voters education and participation was the theme.

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