Integral Development of Communities for a World Without Poverty.


The Annual world malaria day, with the theme for this year being “END MALARIA FOR GOOD, witnessed a huge turn out in Evbuotubu community. The programme which commenced at about 9:00am in Evbuotubu community Town Hall, was co-organized by Action for community development (ACD).
The exercise was characterized by carrying out of free malaria tedscn6242st , sensitization on malaria prevention and distribution of long lasting insecticide treated net .
The main objective of the exercise was to minimize the cases of malaria through prevention and effective treatment.
(1) Mobilization & Sensitization.
(2) Distribution of ready-to-use mosquito nets.
(3) Free malaria testing for persons.
(4) Data tracking.
(5) Training programme.
Publicity was made at Evbuotubu community with the help of ACD staffs who mobilized the residents, with special focus on the market square and town hall, to inform them about the programme which included free testing, distribution of mosquito net and education for the eradication of malaria. While the people gathered at the Evbuotubu Town hall, where they were educated on malaria prevention and current World Health Organisation treatment for malaria (Artemisinine combination therapy.e.g Artemisinine and Lumefantrine), the importance of clean environment free of stagnant water and dirt; the use of mosquito nets at home and the importance of regular test and treatment, to reduce mortality rate.

Mosquito nets, being a very important tool to the eradication of malaria, a total number of a hundred and twenty mosquito net were distributed to individuals and they were also taught on how to use the mosquito nets.

ACD Staff and SFH staff collaborated to carry out a free testing on malaria for people around that community and a total of Three Hundred person (300) persons participated in the invent which are women, men, pregnant women& children. The ages ranged from 9 months -70 years.
About 266 (two hundred and sixty-six ) persons were Negative while 34 (thirty-four) persons tested positive during the exercise.

Our partner, Society for Family Health (SFH), provided a data log book which our project officer used to track data during the Exercise to keep track of the different ages, sexes, phone numbers / addresses, and individual status, to know the number of persons that was tested positive or Negative during the world malaria day.

During free malaria testing

In line with the world malaria day programme,A ction for community Development (ACD). Conducted malaria lecture for some members of the public to educate them on the need to prevent malaria and fight against the parasite. They were intimated on the latest WHO recommendation to follow to have a malaria-free society and the need to use long lasting insecticide treated mosquito nets. At the end of the lecture a test was conducted for the participants to know their level of understanding.
In line with the theme of this year’s world malaria day, “invest in the future, defeat malaria”, we were able to mobilize three hundred (300) persons for the free malaria testing and distribution of nets in order to reduce malaria spread.
The 1-day malaria training workshop, for patent medicine dealers and individuals educated them on the latest WHO recommendation for malaria. A question and answer session, which was included to ascertain their level of understanding after the training workshop, recorded a good outcome from the performance of the participants.

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