Integral Development of Communities for a World Without Poverty.



DSCN6270  As we continue to reach out to the orphans in our communities and ensuring that no orphan is let behind, our organisation with the support of Global Horn Industry Limited embarked on our to support the orphans and vulnerable children by visiting orphans
and vulnerable children in Evbuotubu, Ugiagbe and Emokpae primary School on the 8th
to 12th of May 2015 with free writing materials, amendment of their torn uniform and
also the sewing of pairs of uniform for those who did not have uniform. DSCN6276

The programme started by a visit to the various schools to inform the
heads of the schools about when the program will take off. To also get down
the names of the children who are orphans or vulnerable from KG to Primary six. This
was done with the help of ACD staffs. we needed to do this every time in case their are new in takes who are orphans and needed our support to go through school
Free writing materials such exercise book which was made available by our
sponsors Global Horn Industry Limited. these items includes Pencils, Pens, Erasers, Sharpeners, Rulers,
Mathematical sets, Drawing book, Postal Colours, Crayons, and Painting Brushes was
distributed to the pupils from KG to Primary six and the pupils were encouraged to also
go to school and pay attention in class to what they are being taught. About 200 pupils,
who are orphans and vulnerable, where given this writing materials. Pic 32  Pic 26

Amendment of some of the pupil uniform which was torn was carried out. About
50 pupils uniform was amended and two were given new uniforms.


Pic 12   Pic 46
ACD Staffs went to a pupil’s home who was sent out of school because he did not
have a uniform in order to take his measurement to make two new pair of uniform for
the student and also a pupils whose uniform was torn beyond mending had his
measurement taken to make new pair. These were delivered to the pupils in their respective schools

Pic 2        Pic 13


In line with this year activities for orphans and vulnerable children, we reached
out to about 245 pupils and put smiles on their faces with the free writing materials and
amendment of torn uniforms as well as provision of new uniform. We were also able to
come to the aid of a pupil sent out of school because he had no uniform. This put smiles
on their faces and the heads of the schools were very happy. We say a big thank you to global horn for their support in ensuring that these children remain in school. We also welcome support both local and internationally in continually helping these orphans. Their needs are enormous some of their needs includes foot wears, school bags(back packs) educational materials ,computers, books, projectors e.t.c. their schools also need recreational facilities.  Pic 4

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