Integral Development of Communities for a World Without Poverty.

DSCN1601On 8th of March 2013, ACD team, Amanda and Mai, went back to Ugiagbe primary school to  give the school uniforms to some of the orphans and vulnerable children of the school.
prior to giving them school uniforms , we had been at the primary school on the 19th of February with a tailor to take measurements.When we arrived at about 10 am the children were having classes.DSCN1632
When we entered the class the children recognized us and were very happy as they knew that the school uniforms were ready. Amanda had a list of  the names of the children and called each name. The other children in the class applauded for each child that came to the classroom after changing into a new uniform.DSCN1627DSCN1614One could easily see the happiness in the children’s faces.With this new school uniform their education is now secured for some  time.
DSCN1629We were able to give uniforms to 16 pupils but this is unfortunately not enough.We saw many children in torn sandals or children that didn’t have proper school bags or uniforms.
We hope to be able to give more to those children with your help.
DSCN1639We want to thank all the donors so much for making this possible.DSCN1648


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