Integral Development of Communities for a World Without Poverty.


For us in Action for Community Development, community service is a calling and with this passion we do our work. On September 20, our staff was sent meet the teachers in Ugiagbe primary school to discuss with them ways of supporting the orphans. On 17th of October, we went back to Ugiagbe primary school to provide educational materials and psychosocial support for the orphans in the school.Our team got to the school Just a few minutes to their break time. The children were overjoyed to see us again in their school.we were able to reach 110 pupils. since we have not raise enough money for the project yet, we felt it will be good to try and provide some basic support first, for the children since schools have resumed. 25 pupils were given 2 note books, 7 pupils got school bags and 10 pupils got a pair sandal each. All the 200 pupils got a pencil and ruler each. Those that needed school uniform since their uniforms were torn and tetarred, had their names written on a separate sheet. we were not able to provide these uniforms yet. we are yet to receive funding support  we also have not reach out to those in secondary schools. we hope to do so soon. we sincerely hope we will able to reach out to these pupils and students once we receive support to do so. we still have a lot do and we are counting on our partners to help us to reach these children. we sincerely want to thank our partners who have given on-line and off – line to this project. please continue to support us. The ” thank you” from the pupils was RESOUNDING. Niye Amandasun said “I had no bag to use to bring my books to school. but this one you have given me is very good, i like it”. Again, another pupil Felix Efeloghor said ” It was my teacher’s Biro, i was using to write, thank you for given me mine” we also our medical personnel on ground to access the children medically .

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