Integral Development of Communities for a World Without Poverty.


Our desire to continually give hope orphans and vulnerable children  in the society, has continue to touch lives and give hope to a lot of people. it is our strong desire to see that the girl child girl is empowered. it is a known fact that if you educated a girl you have educated a Nation . A girl child empowerment has a ripple effect . it will not only end poverty in the life of the girl,  it gives her the necessary tools to survive, stay healthy and live a life free of  HIV. she can marry the man of her choice and so she is happy and been able to contribute her quota to the society. But if the reverse is the case,she is  an illiterate and left vulnerable to HIV, Sexually Transmitted Disease  and unwanted pregnancy, it may lead to her isolation and her family stuck to poverty. With this view in we began our REACH OUT TOUCH   A LIFE. It is  a program meant to support girls who  don’t have an alternative means of survival due to the fact that they are not educated and do not have job or vocational skills. This program will assist those that wish to go back to school do so and those that want to learn a vocation do so. The program also include sexual and reproductive health training for these girls.our OSAGIEDEGBE GIRLS EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is a project in this program.

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