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Community Women Safe Sex and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (COWSSAP)

Community Women Safe Sex and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (COWSSAP).



Action for Community Development is presently implementing the community mobilization components of EUMPP9 in 10 communities in Edo state. In order to make these 10 communities (Avbiama ,Ogua, Gbeoba, Siluoko,Iguobazuwa, Iguoriakhi, Emah, Iboro, Aihuobabekun) in Edo state  easier to  access, Action for Community Development  team  members came up with a transient maps of these communities.These maps will assist any one who want to visit the communities find them easier to locate.TRANSIENT MAPS




As to part of our effort to continually reach out to girls , give them a voice and restore their dignity and self esteem, Our REACH OUT TOUCH A LIFE team members are currently implementing a project called Osagiedegbe Girls Empowerment Project(OGEP).  ”OSA’ means creator and  ”GIEDEGBE” means the dawning of a  new day.”OSAGIEDEGBE” means creator of a new day. Girls that is reached out to in this project are been giving hope that it is possible for a new day to be created in their lives . A new day of her empowerment, self esteem ,education, knowledge.It is possible for HER to make to it.




Our Team members gave health education talk to Girls who opted for vocational training recently.The girls were excited and very happy to learn.Topics on Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV, and their modes of transmission were among topics discussed.There was also counseling and testing for HIV and other medical conditions.



Our desire to continually give hope orphans and vulnerable children  in the society, has continue to touch lives and give hope to a lot of people. it is our strong desire to see that the girl child girl is empowered. it is a known fact that if you educated a girl you have educated a Nation . A girl child empowerment has a ripple effect . it will not only end poverty in the life of the girl,  it gives her the necessary tools to survive, stay healthy and live a life free of  HIV. she can marry the man of her choice and so she is happy and been able to contribute her quota to the society. But if the reverse is the case,she is  an illiterate and left vulnerable to HIV, Sexually Transmitted Disease  and unwanted pregnancy, it may lead to her isolation and her family stuck to poverty. With this view in we began our REACH OUT TOUCH   A LIFE. It is  a program meant to support girls who  don’t have an alternative means of survival due to the fact that they are not educated and do not have job or vocational skills. This program will assist those that wish to go back to school do so and those that want to learn a vocation do so. The program also include sexual and reproductive health training for these girls.our OSAGIEDEGBE GIRLS EMPOWERMENT PROJECT is a project in this program.


As part activities marking the 2012 Nigeria’s children National day, Action for Community Development with the support of friends and partners flagged off Adopt an Orphan Programme by visiting the orphans in Ugiagbe primary school in Evbuotubu community on Thursday the 31st of may 2012. The programme saw the provision of gifts items, toys and foodstuff for 73. this is the new inclusion to the over 500 orphans that our organization is reaching out to in this community alone. we wish to use this medium to thank all those who supported the programme financially. our thanks also goes to our staffs for their support. please continue to support our work to give these orphans a future. Give to keep them in school.

Community Women Safe Sex and Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (COWSSAP)

Peer Session at Okhokhugbo Community

It was a wonderful experience for ACD as we implemented our COWSSAP project. This project took place in Okhokhugbo community in Egor local government in Edo state in Nigeria.The project started in September 2011 and finally came to and end this August . The people of the community could not hide their joy over the great impact the project had in their lives. They Say a BIG THANK YOU to POSITIVE ACTION FOR CHILDREN FUND for funding the project and ALLIANCE HUB that provided technical assistance for the project.The project whose main target were the women in the community, also benefited the men.There was regular sexual and reproductive health learning at the six locations within the community were peer sessions took place within the community.ACD COWSSAP