Integral Development of Communities for a World Without Poverty.


On Wednesday,20th of February, we, Amanda and Mai went  to the cattle market in Evbuotubu Community to hold a peer session.DSCN1489When we arrived at about 1pm there were already about 6 men and 4 women gathered. The  peer educator was already awaiting for us.
Amanda educated the people on the meaning of HIV and the distinction between HIV/AIDS. Moreover the attendants were taught about the causes of HIV, and the symptoms of AIDS. Most importantly the attendants were not only given an understanding of the transmission of the virus but also about how HIV does NOT spread and how to protect themselves . After the session the attendants were free to ask questions.DSCN1488 One of  the peers said he taught HIV virus could be transmitted through hand shake but now he knows better. One of the  peers, Kingsley said with this regular session where they  get enlightened, a society that is HIV  FREE is possible since they now know how to prevent it. From the amount of questions one could tell that the session had made the people think about this issue and the enlightenment was very clear to them.



ImageOn Wednesday,19th of February 2013,we, the ACD-Team ( Amanda,Julie,Mai) went to the market of Evbuotubu Community to have a peer session with the women in the market. As soon as there were about 10 women gathered Amanda started the session.More women later joined the peer session.Image She started by showing drawings to the women and asking them tell what was on their mind when seeing those drawings.ImageThen Amanda educated the women on HIV, it’s causes, symptoms and the distinction between HIV/AIDS and the transmission of HIV. As it is important to educate the women step by step to ensure that this issue is very clear. The attendants and us agreed on continuing the session in two weeks time.Image After the lessons the peers were free to ask questions. Many of the women seized their chance.The enlightenment was very clear.Julie distributed condoms and informative, communicative and educative materials about the female condom among the women. As the women now knew about the ways of transmission of HIV they were very grateful about the session. Attendance was also taken.


DSCN1401On Wednesday, 19th February 2013,at about 11.30 am we arrived at Ugiagbe Primary school of Evbotubu Community.The children were having a break and they were all very excited about our visit. We, the ACD -Team ( Amanda,Julie,Mai) brought a locaDSCN1397l tailor to the school to make measurements of orphans and vulnerable children to get them proper school uniforms tailored.There were too many children that were wearing school uniforms in very bad conditions but as we only have a limited budget.To understand the importance of school uniforms in Nigeria it is essential to know that those constitute the foundation for a proper education.Without a school uniform children are sent home.They are not able to get education to have the best preconditions for an independent life. We were able to make measurements of 16 pupils.When hope to be able to proceed quickly that the DSCN1399children get their school uniforms as soon as DSCN1391possible. we still have 12 more children  our list who  still  needs  uniforms , but these one will have to wait till we are able to raise more funds. We want to say a big thank you to all who gave to help to keep these children in school





As part of our effort to support the development of the Educational sector and encourage reading and creative writing, Action For Community Development organized an essay competition with the title Re-Inventing Nigeria Democracy: Imperative on the way forward on the November 19th 2013 Time 12pm.DSC00764

10 Schools were selected and invited for the competition. The following were the list of schools invited in Benin City ,Edo State -Nigeria.

1 Asoro Secondary School.

2 Evbotubu Secondary School

3 Columbia Secondary School.

4 Franej International High School..

5 Greater Grace Educational center

6 Ighile Group of Schools

7 Word of faith Group of Schools.

8 Imperial College .DSC00792

9 Norman -Edward

The competition was opened to students from J.S 3-SS 3 with each school being represented by two students each. Prizes to be won ranges from a computer for the first place winner, school bags and books, Sandals and other consolation prizes.The competition took place at Greater Grace School in Evbotubu Benin City.DSC00793



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